Programm 2014


The Healing Field – Sea of All Possibilities

For every needling, the method is above all
not to miss the rooting in the Spirits.

Lingshu 8

Beyond the therapeutic relation between patient and therapist there exists an underlying timeless and spaceless field of non-separation. This universal and unlimited field contains all necessary information and energy for profound healing processes. This sea of all possibilities can be accessed, when the I learns to step aside and to suspend all previously learned medical knowledge and methods. In the seminar we try to experience, what it means to empty oneself from personal ideas about the patient´s background, diagnosis, prognosis and therapy – topics, which most often limit the full realization of healing power and healing possibilities. Therapists and patients influence – most often unconsciously – the unfolding of healing processes on a very subtle plain, which happens beyond applied knowledge and methods. Professionals, who long to work and to heal from a more profound level of healing, need to become aware and conscious about their own psychology and personal structure. From there and in alignment to one´s own transpersonal being step by step the ability of surrender to inner wisdom and non-personal intention increases. From this perspective the patient more and more is being revealed as a Divine being, which is met in its true and undistorted appearance and in unconditional love. In this seminar we will share and experience the healing field together.   

An open mind and readiness to encounter stillness inside oneself are the only requirements for this seminar.

The seminar is part of the 4th Scandinavian TCM Congress 5th - 7th September 2014


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