Programm 2014


The Heart – Spiritual Center and the Source of Inner Wisdom

Heaven in me is Virtue de.
Earth in me is Qi.
Virtue flows down, the Qi expands,
and there is life.

Lingshu 8

The lecture points out the power and beauty of connectedness and love in one´s personal and professional life, which belongs to the human heart (xin). As we become aware of the facets of our personality and transpersonal being the very source and essence of healing may be revealed. Life becomes more fulfilled and the healing ability more effective, when the different dimensions of consciousness (shen) and different personal and transpersonal levels are known and experienced in ourselves. This happens in a silent space beyond all thoughts and concepts (yi, lü), beyond medical rules and methods. The moment one discovers the empty space of the heart, one connects to the timeless source of life and begins to listen to its inner wisdom, which may lead through upcoming questions of healing and life.

The lecture is part of the 4th Scandinavian TCM Congress 5th - 7th September 2014


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